Did Twitter Buy Facebook Fans?

Everyone is all a twitter (so to speak) about Twitter’s impending IPO. Indeed, Twitter filed the preliminary paperwork (which is rather extensive) to become a publically held company (just like its brethern in the social network giant realm Facebook). Here are the particulars: read this. Now, having both these social media behemoth’s public will mean one thing to the users of these networks – more ads! A publically held company must show its shareholders consistent growth to maintain and grow its stockprice – and for both of these companies, revenue comes from ads. So beware.

And how close are these bastions of social? Well, did you know that Twitter has a facebook fan page and it has over 10 million fans/likes? A huge number to be sure (and Facebook has a Twitter account with over 11 million followers – hmmmm, is this a competition?). Clearly these businesses are seeking big metrics in each others area – fans in facebook and followers in Twitter. Now these are big numbers, and typically these are hard numbers to come by “naturally”. So maybe Twitter did buy Facebook Fans and perchance Facebook did purchase Twitter Followers – we will probably never know. Of course you can buy twitter followers cheap from us here