Twitter Announces Update to Apps on December 10, 2013

Perhaps in a gesture towards Wall Street – afterall it was only a few weeks ago that Twitter cashed in and went public on the New York Stock Exchange (currently trading in the mid 50s giving it a market capitalization of some $30B – not bad for company with no profits and relatively little revenue) – Twitter announced changes and updates to its Apps. These changes have been rumored for some time and are really not earth shattering, although the direct message picture sharing is a new twist and a possible stone thrown in the direction of Instagram, but more of a grenade lobbed at SnapChat.

Now this is considered a major redesign, but not all changes that some were expecting were incorporated to the Update. The most obvious change is the inclusion of image support to direct messages. To some this is a game changer as it clearly competes with the popular app SnapChat (particularly popular with the teen and early twenties set). Twitter also made more promminent the icon for private messaging – a sign that it is expanding this aspect of its service – watch out SnapChat, Line and Whatsapp.

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Changing the tab bar to add Messages forces the movement of Discover from the main mobile view. This is not a big loss and now allows for the possibility of even more timelines as there is now more room. In reality, this change suggests that Twitter users are more into notifications and direct messages than Discover and probably even timelines. Leave that sort of thing to Facebook. Twitter is a communication vehicle not a reveal the whole character kind of social exchange site.

In that vein there is a new filter option in the Notifications tab that can help users see only items from either individuals and entities that one follows, everyone (oh, that’s a bit much) or verified people (although the user would also need to be verified to utilize that filter – oh such lofty ground, imagine the tweets you could be missing (but don’t worry as someone will break the spell and send it out en masse anyway). Nothing like keeping your followers happy (and you can buy twitter followers from us).

It is clear that Twitter is trying to capitalize and attempt to monopolize communication between individuals and between entities. Whether public or private Twitter wants to be the go-to medium for sharing on the spot. All the better to have truly committed and involved users for the forthcoming advertising that Wall Street is expecting.

This Update is ready to go, although Mac users will have to wait until it is approved by Apple’s App Store.

You can read more about this Twitter update in more technical terms here