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Facebook vs. Princeton Scholars

An interesting battle is now raging between a report produced by Princeton University scholars likening the rise of Facebook to a viral disease (which in the end dissipates and is no more)and the target itself, Facebook.

Facebook Likes and Fans


Princeton Logo

According to the study, using epidemiological science as its base, the popularity of Facebook is at its peak and like the ebbing of a global infectious disease will fall dramatically to near nothing by no later than 2017. The concept is that ideas behave like viral diseases and that Facebook is an idea and, well you get the picture. So, and as they say in mathematics, ergo, Facebook will fall like a disease (and like Myspace.)

Facebook countered with its own “academic” study that showed that Princeton’s falling growth in likes on its Facebook page was a clear indication that it was an institution in a free fall and that it would have no students by 2012. Here is the graphic used by Facebook in its “study”:

Decline in Likes for Princeton

An interesting battle indeed, and there is more on the story here.

Wonder if this story got any facebook likes