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Twitter Borrowing Ideas From Facebook?

Within the past two weeks Twitter has rolled out two new functionalities that clearly borrow heavily from the road well traveled – well at least traveled by Facebook. In the earlier part of this period, Twitter unveiled a new look member profile page that reminds us a lot of, well, the Facebook profile page. It exposes more information and provides more room for creativity than the former simplier design that was with Twitter almost from the begining. There is significantly more options to customize than the previous format. In addition, you have the ability to select which timeline to look at when visiting a profile page – see all tweets and retweets with or without videos including the replies. With the customization features, the larger profile photos and the greater multi-media display options, clearly Twitter is taking strong clues from Facebook’s Profile page. Here is a contrast image of the Old Profile page side-by-side with the new Page.


Whether this new profile page will get more followers will take time to ascertain.

On the other side of the coin (the profile page redesign is very user focused) is new abilities for advertising revenue for Twitter. This time in the form of Twitter pushing mobile applications from paying vendors (paying Twitter, that is) in promoted tweets or even inside other Twitter exclusive apps. You will now see promotions from app vendors in your Twitter stream and a button will appear for you to download (and pay for) the application being shown at the time. This comes on the heels of the news from Facebook that mobile install ads (as the mobile application promotions with download button are called in industry parlance) have proven to be a strong source of revenue for them. As both Facebook and Twitter are pubically held businesses, it is imperative that they each strive to develop new advertising revenue streams, and this mobile app. vehicle appears to be right for both of them. Interestingly, Twitter recently acquired MoPub Marketplace, a mobile ad company. This relationship will now enable Twitter to vastly expand the reach of its new mobile app push program. Early results, according to beta advertisers, has been very strong. Whether that momentum can be maintained over time – as the app push may get on Users nerves – remains to be seen. What is clearly going to continue to be seen, whether on Twitter of Facebook, is a lot more ads.