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Facebook To Officially Unveil Video Ads

It has been awhile in coming, but hints of it appeared last December – yes, this is referencing Facebook’s long feared roll-out of video ads that appear in your news feed. These ads have created consternation in the Facebook user community as Facebook’s constant efforts to find new ways to sell advertising have many worried that such advertisements will overwhelm the underlying content.


Well, after extensive testing, it appears that these new video ads will be appearing in April. Now, according to Facebook these adds will be silent unless clicked by the user. Furthermore, video advertisements will be vetted for quality by an independet third part company, Ace Metrix which specializes in providing advertisers with feedback on the quality and efficacy of their videos that are designed for both mobile and stationary viewing (such as YouTube videos).

Facebook has stated its desire to have these videos which come onto a User’s news feed to be unintrusive in nature and not “get in the way” of a User’s experience on Facebook. With the additional screening provided by Ace Metrix, video ads, when viewed, will be of high quality and be informative and engaging to the viewer. The duration of these videos is limited to fifteen seconds.

For long time users of social media (and admittedly that’s not long for anybody given the nascent nature of the industry) the further penetration of advertisements onto Pages and tweets and videos is anethema to the whole purpose of the medium. However, surveys of the younger demographic (where the money and growth’s at for these social networking giants such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube)shows that have a surprising high tolerance for advertisements. What may be a little worrisome to advertisers is that this actually portends a problem – the younger generation appears to have learned how to tune advertising out!