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A YouTube Marketing Success Story

There’s a charming YouTube success story coming out of Provence, France a wine growing region located in the southeaster part of France (think Rhone wines). Now, one would not expect a YouTube video sensation stemming from the pastoral regions of Southern France, but the opportunities for a viral video are ever-present and they can come from anywhere at any time (just ask Psy of Gangnam Style fame).


It seems that a London based businessman grew distressed at his corporate job in the big international city and sought a more calming and self fulfilling life making wine. So he moved his family to Provence and began making Rose wine under the label Mirabeau. Now he had well over 500 regional competitors making the same style of wine in this region alone! Talk about a marketing nightmare – mon deaux!

However, the owner had some big city insights that many of his competitors lacked and he embarked upon a digital marketing strategy, much of which was based around the creation of quality and informative videos and putting them up on his wineries channel on YouTube. Well he didn’t have an overwhelming success inititally, and his YouTube Subscribers numbers weren’t particularly attractive. Then, one day he did a video on how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. A simple trick than involved a hard wall and a shoe as padding for the wine bottle. This is a short, yet direct, informative and quality video and evidently something that a great deal of people wanted to know about.

BOOM this video went viral!!! This under 30 second video clip has attracted 6 million viewers. Amazingly he had done over 200 previous videos with little viewership. Of course this turned his business around and suddenly he stood out from his competitors and had orders from all over the world. Now production of wine, not videos, was the problem of the day!

Now you can buy youtube views cheap but you can’t buy a viral video – they just happen!

So, if you get stuck without a corkscrew but are dying to open that bottle of wine watch this video and viola!