Twitter to End Retweets?

In a somewhat surprising move, Twitter has quietly been testing the concept of changing it Retweet button with a new button labeled “Share with Followers”.


The proposed new button will also have a sub-button that will allow for adding a comment when a received tweet is for fowarded to one’s own followers (what we and Twitter currently call a retweet).

Why the change? Well Twitter has been making some alterations lately to its interface on its famous microblog. Recently the company added the ability to upload multiple images and tag people in the photos in a recent update. These features have long been available on Facebook which, of course, is the social networking leader. But Twitter is not just trying to be like its competitors in the social media space, it is concerned about losing users.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo recently told a group of investors that the company is striving to make its application easier to understand and use. This comes as user growth, though still solid, is not what it used to be and internal Twitter studies have shown that the company loses many new Users within a short period of time as they find the app too confusing.

The thinking behind changing what we now call the retweet button, is that if you are new to Twitter the usage of this button may not be self evident, thus the change in verbiage might assist newbies in getting the full benefit of Twitter’s capablilites and be less reluctant to drop usage of the microblog altogether.

Whether or not they change the name of the button throughout the system or not, you will still be able to buy retweets (or whatever they are called) from us.